Application Requirements

High School Graduates Should Make Careful Note Of The Following Information If They Desire To Make Application For A Shinnick Loan:

The student and parents (or legal guardian) must be established residents of Muskingum County. Never can a student or parent establish residence or register to vote in another county and still qualify for a Shinnick Loan.

Before making application, a student must have:

  • A copy of
  • Knowing where
  • Know the cost
  • Know what portion
  • Know how much
  • Know the source
his/her grade transcript, showing his/her accumulative grade point average to
he/she will be attending college.
per school year for tuition, room, board and books.
of these expenses he/she will be paying.
his/her parents will contribute.
and dollar amount of any approved loans, grants, scholarships, work study and all other funds to be applied toward school expenses.

When all facts & figures are known

The student should telephone The Shinnick Office at 740-452-2273 for an appointment. Appointments are scheduled from between 9:30am – 4:00pm Monday through Thursday; the office is CLOSED on Friday and Saturday. Before any requests for a Shinnick Loan can be submitted to the Board of Trustees, we must have a fully completed application, grade transcript with accumulative grade point average and a financial statement from the parents.

New applications for the upcoming academic school year will be taken in the months of June and July.


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